International Design Competition for the neighbourhood surrounding the City of Science , Rome

logo_PFCDP Investimenti Sgr is holding a competition an area in Rome destined to host the City of Science and a district of housing and public spaces. 

The project comes in the wake of the acquisition by the Competition Organizer of the Ministry of Defence’s former Precision Electrical Components Factory, situated between Via Guido Reni and Viale del Vignola in Rome. 
The agreement reached with the Municipal Government marks the beginnings of an important process of urban transformation aimed at creating an innovative urban structure and an almost completely sustainable energy cycle, in response to the consultation with citizens and organised residents. 

Situated one kilometre from the Porta del Popolo and the historic centre of Rome, the site is surrounded by important works of architecture from the twentieth century: the Foro Italico and Olympic Village from 1960, the Parco della Musica by Renzo Piano, and the MAXXI Museum by Zaha Hadid, located on the opposite side of Via Guido Reni. 
The winner of the Competition will receive a commission to develop a project for the urban redesign of a total of 5.1 hectares. 

The Competition Organizer is seeking a master plan for the creation of a neighbourhood integrated within the context of contemporary Rome. The site must ensure the coexistence between the City of Science, designed for the general public, new public spaces and landscaping, also serving the local community, and a comfortable residential district for hundreds of people. 

The programme includes 35,000 m2 of housing and 10,000 m2 of commercial and leisure facilities, together with 14,000 m2 of public spaces and facilities and the City of Science, the object of a successive competition for a 10,000 m2 site. 

The Competition is structured in two phases. The First Phase will ask interested candidates to submit a curriculum of projects describing their approach to the city and public space, together with three A3 pages describing a purely indicative proposal. 

A total of six candidates will be admitted to the Second Phase, during with they will be asked to develop a proposal, to be discussed with the Jury on three separate occasions. Each of the six finalists will be entitled to a reimbursement of costs of 24,000.00 Euro.

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