El Consejo de Arquitectos de Europa suscribe el manifiesto del CNAPPC (Cámara de Arquitectos Italianos) sobre la regeneración de ciudades europeas (EN)

logo-caeDuring the EU Cities Reloading Forum, which took place on 7-8 November in Milan, the Architects’ Council of Europe, along with the European Forum for Architectural Policies (EFAP), co-signed the Manifesto issued by the Italian Chamber of Architects (CNAPPC) calling on the European institutions to take action for the regeneration of European cities. 

The Manifesto recalls that the regeneration of cities requires integrated urban policies, providing solutions to problems involving the environment, social interaction, mobility, waste management and energy savings, to name a few. Architecture is the instrument able to integrate the different disciplines and competences to tackle the challenges European cities are facing.

With this Manifesto, the CNAPPC, EFAP and ACE call on the European Institutions for an integrated policy, at EU level, aimed at the regeneration of European cities, with a particular attention to marginal communities, far from infrastructural corridors, slum areas, abandoned zones and the peripheries of large cities.

Furthermore, the three organisations emphasise the importance of re-establishing a balance between European and national investments in large infrastructure and cities that favors the latter, in which Europeans reside and where social integration and the development of innovative ideas take place.

Particular attention should be paid to promoting high quality Architecture and financing design projects through structural funds, in order to boost innovation and support the development of talent.

Read the Manifesto in English, French and Italian on the ACE website

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